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Caged No More

“It finds its wings and soars. I am caged no more.”
Kayleah Jewel Porter
Faith 2 Talk, A collection of poetry

Faith 2 Talk, A collection of poetry

The poetry written by Kayleah Jewel Porter is touching, reflective and insightful. Faith 2 Talk explores Loss, Love and Hope. As you read the poems you find yourself embarking on a very private and sometimes emotional journey. You gain much more than a window into the poet's experiences. You find poems that quickly become your favorites and other poems that you like to read again and again. As you read this collection and are exposed to K.J. Porter's unique perspective,you realize you would like to share this poet's words with someone close to you. You gain the Faith 2 Talk. Color cover, black and white interior, perfect bound, 40 pages