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Journal Writing

Writing in a journal is an essential tool for processing complicated issues and intense emotions. Faith 2 Journal

2 thoughts on “Journal Writing

  1. Timing is everything. As I am sitting here and organizing my thoughts and plans for the day, you subscribed to my Renew Inspiration blog. I smiled and immediately came to return the favor. Then, I read this blog and it hit me right away. I have so many thoughts and projects inside my head, but I am struggling to get them out on to paper. Maybe I am over thinking or just have too many ideas swirling around me. I appreciate you and your journey. I look forward to supporting you in the near future and I hope you do the same.

    1. I know that I would fill a library if I actually wrote and published every book idea I have. I created this blog to write and explore what other writers are working on. Thank you for following me