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Pave Your Own Road

It can be really scary to go it alone.

It can be really scary to go it alone.   There is great comfort in being part of a team or working with a group on a project.  If things do not go as planned, you are not the only one at fault.  You don’t have to come up with all the ideas.  You don’t need to make sure everything gets done right.  You can rely on your team or your group to share the responsibility with you.

Standing alone is so different.  It all begins and ends with you.  The plan, project, business or adventure you want to pursue; it will only happen if you make it happen.  Think about how many things would be underway, if, you took that first step alone. 

It will only happen if you make it happen.

I was recently asked to teach a three-hour course to adults.  I said yes.  Then, I started thinking about what I agreed to do.  Doubt rushed in. I had not made a presentation in years.  I overcame my fears. After I taught the class, I was so grateful I said yes.

The common pictures we see of going it alone involve athletes and people on exotic vacations.  In fact, we are required to go it alone in our daily lives.  The trip to the doctor’s office to receive a diagnosis.  Caring for a relative when siblings live far away.  Re-entering the social scene after a breakup or divorce.  Confronting these types of challenges takes the same courage a hiker needs to climb that mountain, or an entrepreneur needs to start a business. 

We encounter mountains in our daily lives.

Courage and confidence in yourself are the two wings you need for flying alone.  Take an inventory of projects or goals you set aside because you would need to pursue them alone.  Think about pursuing them now. The next time there is an opportunity or idea you can pursue alone, say yes.  Other people may join in after you get going.  But the first step, is yours to take. 

You need courage and confidence in yourself.