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Schedule Time To Reflect

Me time is necessary time. Add it to your schedule.

The beginning of the year starts with an emphasis on reflecting and planning.  We were all planning to have perfect vision for 2020. We are well into this new year.  Our lives are once again filled up with busy schedules, problems to solve and for some of us, crises to deal with. 

Our daily lives can become jammed packed.  We are sandwiched between obligations at work, commitments to family and concerns about loved ones we are responsible for.   Our time to reflect and take an inventory of our well being can be squeezed out.  We suffer in the long term if we do not build in time for ourselves in the short term. 

I recently needed to reduce my activities because of the coronavirus.  I am in several high-risk groups.  I have a severely compromised immune system.  I hated to admit I was in the category described as high-risk.  Who wants to self-identify as old?  A bout with pneumonia last year reminded me of how fast and hard I go down from an infectious disease.  I am grateful for the time to slow down and catch my breath.  I am using the slower pace and time at home to reflect on this year and what lies ahead.

Writing in my journal helps me to sort through my emotions.

I can go weeks, and even months, without taking the time to journal .  I know how much it helps me to sort through my emotions or address problems I need to face.  Yet, like many things that are good for me, I neglect writing in my journal.

It can be really helpful to pull out your calendar, or open your calendar app, and schedule a meeting with yourself.  That’s right put ME in a time slot on the calendar.  You can also schedule where you will meet with yourself.  Is there a coffee shop or indoor garden you really like?    

Take out your calendar. Schedule a time for a needed break.

 Schedule a two or three hour block of time to reflect and journal.  I find when I go 60 to 90 days out, there is nothing on my schedule.   Me time is necessary time. Schedule that needed break today.