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Sadness is like the tide

Sadness is like the tide. It comes in, but it always goes back out.

Sometimes I am not depressed, just sad. If I were a flower, I would be planted in a bed of melancholy. Lately, with the pandemic and social upheaval, there are more occasions for sadness than joy. Sadness is a natural part of my emotional life. I can feel subtle sadness like when summer ends. There is also the lasting sadness I feel after losing a parent or dear friend.

Lately, there are more occasions for sadness than joy.

It helps me to remember when I am sad, that sadness is a temporary feeling.  After I lost a child, I recall asking God would I always feel sad.  The answer was no. Yet, it took time.  I did feel happy again.   The loss stayed with me, but the sadness retreated like the tide. 

When you feel sad, take a breath, and tell yourself: This is temporary. Do not skip over the sadness, it came for a reason. Allow sadness to serve its purpose, like reminding us how much we miss the dear friend we lost.

Sadness is temporary.

It is the natural order of emotions to come and go, like the sun rising and setting or like the tide. The season for sadness will come to an end.  Laughter, joy, and happiness will all return.

Laughter, joy and happiness will all return.

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