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More than 35,000 people ran the Chicago marathon this year. The first step for the runners was not at the starting line on race day. The first step was months before on the first day of training. Each runner needed determination to start training and perseverance to finish the race. The reward for the runners: a medal, joining the elite club of marathon runners, and the personal satisfaction of achieving a huge goal.

I will never run a marathon. I have faced challenges that seemed like a running a marathon. I can put becoming a lawyer and receiving a kidney transplant on that list. When I have something long and difficult ahead, I know that I will need inner strength and a lot of support.

Whatever challenge or uphill climb you face today, you have a reserve of inner strength. There will be moments when you will feel overwhelmed and like you won’t get it done. That is when your determination will kick in and help you cross the finish line.

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