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Difficult Days

Even the most difficult day ends at midnight.

I am revisiting the word difficult. Doing something that requires skill, labor, and planning. Difficult things require much effort to be successful and can be filled with hardship.

I was in the midst of a hard day. I had the thought that this is difficult. What I was working to accomplish was hard. It actually helped me to acknowledge the difficulty. It made it easier for me to keep pressing forward.

We live in such a win-lose society. Crushing the other side or an opponent is the goal. We want to dominate. We aim to completely leave other people in the dust.

We need to give greater weight to the efforts that we make, even when the results are not spectacular. If all we did was make it to an appointment, show up to a job we hate, or attend a gathering we really wanted to skip. Our efforts, especially the small ones, are important.

Our lives and our characters are built on completing difficult things. There will be no trophies or medals for the hard difficult days we endure. No one may notice or realize the struggle involved. That is why it is so important to tell yourself that you made it through a difficult day or tough set of circumstances.

When you find yourself in the midst of a difficult day, remember that day will end, and you will get a new one tomorrow.

Remember it is not winning that really matters in the long run. Instead, it is what we gain by walking through to the end of our difficult days or trials.

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