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Soundless Explosions

Day after day, things happen to me that have an impact on my soul.  Of course, today was one of those days.  Things happen to me, people say things to me, comments are made about me, and I, remain silent.  Saying nothing is appropriate and the right thing to do.  There is no need for an outburst.  Yet there is an outburst, that takes place within me.  The impact of  daily living on my emotions is like standing in a hailstorm. I am bombarded with stimuli that provoke reactions deep within my mind.  While nothing rises from my being to become thoughts that form words that leave my mouth to express how I feel.  Silence is my most effective shield. 

The accumulation of the silence can be corrosive.  Sometimes, it can break through like water breaching a dam, and then, it is explosive.  I have learned the importance of processing my emotions; by myself and with myself.   I allow myself to experience and understand what is left behind after people have trampled through my life.  My emotional responses have become my teachers and my friends.   All the words and thoughts that run through my head were never meant to be spoken.  I sift  them through the filter of perspective, my silence remains unbroken, and my heart is no longer burdened.  After that, quiet is an important companion I can bring along when I spend time with others.

When was the last time you spent some time alone to sort out what is bothering you?  When did you take time to quiet the judgments and scoldings you are heaping upon yourself?  Have you processed the interactions that left you unsettled?  I recommend taking that time.  It makes a world of difference for me. 

The thoughts and emotions that you sort out when you are alone become your teachers and your friends.

Read and write for a better life with Faith 2 Talk Press

Read and write for a better life with Faith 2 Talk Press